While Nostradamus Gently Weeps

WHAT in the blazes of Glazer financed hell has been going on recently? Predictions are being thrown about, we lost on home turf and Patrice Evra is being… Patrice Evra.

Patrice Evra in ‘action’ against Cluj. A journo should doorstep him and repeatedly ask if he can actually defend.

Anyone who watches Manchester United on a regular basis will probably agree that last year we were lucky to be winning the challenge for the League title for as long as we were. At few times last year were we the team that struck fear in the hearts of rival teams. At some points we were turned over, and at other points it looked like we were more confident scoring ‘one more’ goal than the other team after their seemingly inevitable goal,  than we were keeping them out at all costs and doing the business. Luck ran out and the title went somewhere else, lost on goal difference. When Sir Alex Ferguson tells the word that such a thing would never happen again, we believe and we go into the new season excited and ready.

September’s gone now and that allows us to say it’s not very evident that the hangover has yet left us. Clearly there is an epic case of beer shits still in our system from the ‘last night’ that finished up with us in tears in Sunderland.

Everton caught us cold, put in a good shift and beat us. We did just enough against Fulham and Southampton and we mullered Wigan but there was enough in all of those performances to suggest that Saturday’s result against Tottenham was going to happen at some point. Glass half full types can point out that it’s better to have happened now than at the business end of the season, but Spurts was the second time in two months and if it happens many more times we won’t need to worry about the business end of the season because we won’t be involved in it.

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Geordie Sure For United

Things We Knew We Knew Before The Galatasaray Game (But That Were Underlined By the Galatasaray Game).

PENALTIES – We couldn’t hit a barn door in a field

Manchester United cannot convert penalty attempts for love nor money at the moment. Giving the latest attempt to Nani was probably ill-advised, we have contacted Manchester United to see if Nani’s selection to take it was the result of Mickey P having a sweepstake on us not converting all season. Manchester United are yet to respond to our e-mail even though we used all capitals.

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