Ruud-Less and Ruthless

Yesterday Manchester United almost paid the price once again for not taking their chances in a game. I would say we can’t do that again but I have tried that and we still keep getting there by the skin of our teeth, not taking our chances early on, allowing the other team to grow in confidence and make us pay, before eventually we remember who we are and we get our arse in gear and do what we should have done all along. On the upside Henrik Larsson looked good for his first game. I wonder what will happen in March when supposedly the striker is returning toSweden. It’s not going to be Eric Cantona-esque but his arrival could be a timely shove when we most need it. Our saving grace was that in the record books it won’t be shown as the cock up it almost was, and as well as that it wasn’t in the league.

Over the next few weeks we have to get back the ruthless streak in our play. Let’s take it to teams from the get go and stick as many past them as we can. No more getting complacent at 1-0 when we think the game is won, let’s pound them, attack and attack until the result is not in doubt. I have spoken of this before; our ruthless streak has a habit of kicking in when we are 1:0 down. This needs to be fixed if we are to win anything this season. The New Wembley will be ready for the FA Cup Final (no, really, it will, apparently, stop laughing) and when (if) it is we should be the one of the first two teams to play there, having had so much success in the competition in our history.

Ah New Wembley, the most over-rated, over-priced piece of London shite since Ashley Cole. I seem to once again be in a parallel universe when it comes to this. Months ago everyone barring those in that there London were saying that this was going to be the biggest white elephant ever, now it’s best stadium in the world. The rest of the country were enjoying the England ‘on tour’ which allowed the national team to remember areas outside the overpriced capital, such as St James Park, Old Trafford, Old Trafford, Old Trafford and the grand old stadium Old Trafford. Ironic, given many United fans’ feelings of indifference towards our national team. Quite frankly the fact that for months the stadium was being laughed at by everyone, and now we are supposed to subscribe to it being ‘the best’ and forget about it being late and about a billion pounds in cost as opposed to several millions, is laughable.

There is a stadium on the King’s Dock in Liverpool that was erected in no time, looks just as impressive and was built at nowhere near the cost of that monstrosity in London. If I cared remotely about our England team I would appeal passionately to the FA to keep the England ‘on tour’ ethic going and generate interest in our country’s representatives and boost attendance at the same time. Do this instead of constructing a stadium which alienates a good majority of the country and means that once again if you live south of Birmingham, you don’t exist.

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