The Lexicon of Liverpool

THERE is a chance that I’m geared up! It could well be the thumping tones of “2×4” by Metallica currently filling GTS HQ, it could be the fact that we haven’t written for an absolute age – mostly I think it’s the fact that Manchester United play Liverpool this weekend. 

I have heard nothing but gloating from my Liverpool friends, about how this is their season and how finally they aren’t taking their eyes off the ball. Of course a great deal of that came before they were put to the sword by Reading. Despite what the red side of Merseyside may say, their season has been up and down at best. They have at times done the job, and Torres has looked like the decent player I hoped he wouldn’t be when he joined. Liverpool have also managed to mess up as well, in Europe as well as maintaining their usual inconsistent domestic form. Add to that the fact that their manager has at times been showing the strain in press conferences and the American owners that have shown they are far from happy, and it looks like a good time to be going to Anfield. 

That’s exactly why it isn’t.  United are playing well, the early season patchy form has given way to something that looks more like the machine we’re used to. Rooney and Tevez are gelling, and all is ticking along nicely (let’s not mention the fact that if you believe the stories we have yet another defender in a contract debate).  When everyone seems to be looking in United’s direction for victory, it never works out that way.  

Rumours of splits and all of the negative news seemingly coming from those at Anfield, may well have a positive effect on the Liverpool team. Despite doing nothing in the league since Noah built the ark and putting all his eggs in the European basket Benitez commands the respect of the Liverpool fan base, so much so a friend of mine told me his Anfield season ticket would be returned if Rafa the Gaffer got the sack-a.  

For that reason and that reason only I say faster red devils, kill kill!  

For ninety minutes it will be all out war and it should be. It’s the same three points at stake and I dare say it is too early to count in the story of the league – it’s not even really about local pride because they are hardly next door neighbours. 

Liverpool v Manchester United is about shutting the scousers up, silencing the Kop, celebrating each tackle on one of theirs a little more than usual. It’s about everything that everyone reading this thinks it is, the history and the now. It’s about Wayne Rooney getting booed for each and every minute except the one where he sticks that ball in their net, its about Ronaldo and whether he escapes the attentions of their back four and it’s about which Torres turns up for the game. 

Other games can be about more sensible things, this one can just be about beating Liverpool because we don’t like each other. Vidic and Ferdinand v Crouch and Torres is nice scenery for the neutrals and ‘Nice Guy’ Jamie on the TV but this game can be more basic than that – win, leave Anfield with victory and enjoy the silence from the Kop! 


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