Never In Three Months Of Saturdays

AS the year comes to a close and the 07 part of season 07-08 ends, we must agree that it did get better.At the last review in September, United had just beaten Sunderland and Everton and were in the habit of one nil score lines. In the months that followed we definitely found the net and we went from a few one nil scores, to a few four goal hauls. Aston Villa, Wigan, Middlesbrough and Dynamo in Europe all met United on top form.Arsenal were emerging as the main challengers to our title and the game against the Gooners at the Emirates would come in November, although it actually proved that there was little between the teams. United took the lead twice, Ronaldo on target the second time before the Gooners eventually scrambled the ball over the line for a point. Ronaldo would score both goals against Blackburn in the next game and it soon became clear that the winger going to into the final weeks of the year in a strong vein of form.November was not without its disappointments however and it seemed gift giving season had come early when Bolton nicked a victory and Gary Megson got his first victory as boss following the departure of Sammy Lee. It was fair to say that Gary Megson was maybe not the first choice of the Bolton fans but its amazing what victory over Manchester United will do for you.

We ended the Champions League first stage with a draw in Rome and a very good performance considering the fact that many so called ‘big names’ were absent. No perfect record in Europe then but still more than enough to be happy with on that front.

December gave us cold weather, a team growing in confidence and return fixtures with Everton and Sunderland, while we are always guaranteed a hard game against Everton it was a shame to see Sunderland roll over and play dead especially considering the battle they had given us at Old Trafford.

The Upton Park result means that we don’t end the year on top of the league but the cliché of being there or thereabouts can be used here.

On 45 points, we should at least be safe from relegation!

Here’s to all the parties for new year, and all the games and points to come in the year ahead. Take our advice, don’t party as hard as the United squad and we’ll all meet back here on New Years Day because the football never stops spinning!


 This season was originally about seeing what we could do, how close we could get to the Chavs from London. Look at what it’s turning into. Jose sees it as a big joke, something to keep the football world laughing while he comes up with the punch line and steals the laugher and the silverware in May.”  GIVEN TO SCORE, DECEMBER 31 2006  

We all know what eventually happened in terms of the title and how deliciously silent it has been from those London Chavs of late.  Yes indeed, our old pal Arsene is back in the hunt and there is a strange sense of familiarity in the league tussle. It would be very unwise to count out Chelsea but it’s nice to have the Alex v Arsene battle back on as we go into 2008.  People can say that the African Nations may be an issue and that Arsenal will fade but the truth of the matter is that if Manchester United aren’t on full power, it wont matter whether they will fade or not. We have to focus on ourselves, it’s what we did last year when no one was watching and it is what we must do now, twelve months later. We reclaimed our title and now the eyes of the league are on us to see if we can do it again.


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