If It Wasn’t For The Scousers’…

WELL the season is a few games old now and we have that boring England stuff out of the way for a bit, here was the weekend for us to kick into gear. Old rivalries renewed, new striking options and you’d think that it was all there for us to kick on and get started. Of course, being Manchester United, it never works out the way you think it will.

Losing to our rivals is never good and the old line that I should throw out right now is that at least this defeat is early enough in the season for us to repair ourselves and make sure it doesn’t have any lasting effect on our season. It’s not as if this is Easter.

I don’t want to be writing about that. I don’t want to be making excuses like that to cover up the fact that against such an important team, on their own patch, our performance was poor and too many players didn’t turn up. Sometimes you have to write the obvious, and admit when it just wasn’t your day.

I don’t think Anderson made a decent pass all game, they seemed to all be short, roll out of play or be intercepted by the other side. It was not his day. Edwin, throw any old cliche you like at him – ‘bad day at the office’, he most certainly had a ‘mare but in my opinion his was only the most obvious of a day of bad performances. Ryan Giggs, Nemanja Vidic, it was not your day.

It’s time to admit that and move on, perhaps a game against Villarreal in the relative safety of Old Trafford is just what the doctor ordered. That game can be everything that this should have been, a victory and a good performance to make the team and the fans happy. We need to realise that we achieved so much only months before, and it will take only one decent game to put it right.

It makes the midweek game crucial, we cannot afford another win by the skin of our teeth, we must erase the memory of this painful Liverpool loss and the way we do that is to completely batter the ‘yellow submarines’ in Europe.

We wish our first report of the new season was on a more positive note but we can only reflect on this site, what the team does on the pitch and no-one sums up the game against Liverpool better than our manager.

“There was nothing to take out of that performance in any way.”


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