Obertan Over and Out!

The ball is behind you, much like your United career!

The GTS offices have been buzzing recently, happily getting the site back up and running and enjoying the win over Man Citeh. We got even more happiness coming our way with confirmation of Gabriel Obertan’s departure from Old Trafford.

Obertan, who joined the Premier League Champions from the cutbutter world of French football two years ago, has somewhat struggled to make an impact on the team. That’s putting it politely.

If only the size of his talent matched the size of his head, alas it was not to be and Alan Pardew, Newcastle United manager and top of the GtS christmas card list swooped to buy. Pardew said recently that he has been watching Obertan since he joined Manchester United. Despite that he was willing to part with actual money for Gabriel’s services.

On exiting Old Trafford, Gabriel says that our strength in-depth was a hurdle he could not get over: “It was a bit difficult with the competition and I really needed a club where I could play more games”. That’s French for ‘I wasn’t good enough for Manchester United but Newcastle are a bit crapper and I’ll be good enough to play most weeks if I’m not injured.’

Given to Score would like to wish Gabriel every success in whatever he attempts next, even playing football.

Author: The Editor

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