Electric Geordieland

No fog on the tyne. No Charity. United clear and to the point against Newcastle.

Sports TV channels have loved Newcastle United v Manchester United since the mid nineties when the Geordie nation found themselves following a team that had a chance of winning the league. They would have loved it, LOVED it, if they beat us then… and many a pundit would have loved it loved it if they had beaten us yesterday, many said they would.

Newcastle legend Alan Shearer took to his soap box to tell everyone Manchester United had no chance of winning the league without Vidic (The Sun, 2nd October), Jamie Redknapp took to his to predict a Newcastle victory, “what a statement of intent that would be from Alan Pardew “ (Sky Sports, 4th October) and Sky Sports were all over the stats, Manchester United’s record against Newcastle and that performance and loss last year which now was seen as the crucial one (Sunday Mirror, 7th October) in the title leaving Old Trafford for council accommodation.

“I can see a second successive defeat  when they make the trip to Newcastle Of course Sir Alex has made a living out of proving people wrong. If he does so again then I will have no defence. “-

Alan Shearer (he’s the manager that got Newcastle United relegated)

At a time when everyone has been wondering where Manchester United’s defence was it’s nice to see Mr Shearer admitting he has none, even nicer when you think the result was achieved by goals from defenders.

In truth yesterday was satisfying on a few levels; it quietens the roar of those who have always and will always continue to predict Manchester United’s demise, it was nice to be the brighter team straight from kick off and we witnessed Paddy Evra scoring after taking advantage of defensive holes rather than causing them. We also saw David de Gea continue in goal after what was a good European performance by him, he deserved this and the clean sheet he helped us get as well (on the line, not over it).

If you rip up trees from minute one and you make your early dominance count on the scoreboard, it’s amazing how much easier it is to cope with the wobbly moments when they come along. Liverpool didn’t do it against us, Spurs very definitely did, we finally read the script yesterday.

There was a lot of good and very little bad, Robin Van Persie had spoken earlier of his desire to balance his goals with more assists and it was his corner that Jonny Evans nodded home, Wayne Rooney looked lively and Tom Cleverley scored his first league goal and meant it too, apparently.

The doubters can have no argument; away from home against a good Newcastle side with an exciting forward line, a struggle was expected but the red United did the business.  The critics cannot now turn around and say “well it was only Newcastle”.

Three points. No goals against. Above Manchester City. Wake us up after the International break.

In a bit. GTS

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