…Without Any Tears

HELLO dear reader and a happy new year (in a few hours) to you. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

As we are about to bid farewell to 2012 and hello to the year that will see us hopefully crowned as Champions once again, I sat and thought of this period in seasons gone by. You can tell an awful lot by this stage, the team in first place at the end of the year blah blah blah, that is true but I mean more about the messages coming out from Old Trafford in thought and word and deed. Statistics will tell you so much, but the messages and the feeling you get from the team at this time of year tells you more…

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

You don’t get a bigger trophy for winning the league by points in double figures, winning it by one is just as valid. Jose needs to stop telling everyone the league is false and that they will overtake United, he needs to get on with doing it. Two points, twelve points, forty two points, it all means the same. It’s not the size of the gap it’s that there is a gap in the first place and we are doing our best to keep hold of it. Given to Score, December 26th 2006

All the arse dents in the top seat are ours, personally speaking I hate being asked to move when you’ve made a place your own. I spent Christmas with my parents and if I was sat in Dad’s chair, I moved, it’s the law. On the sofa that is the Premiership, Jose is not the daddy, he has no divine right to replace us, he’ll have to earn it. United are earning it at the moment, each player knows his place and roll and it seems even our squad players are bringing everything to the collective effort. Given to Score, December 31st 2006

Looking back to last year, the United form was even more painful than the bone breaking operation I had just had and we were about to bring back Paul Scholes. We missed out eventually and some of the issues are the same as now, but we were turning the corner this time twelve months ago:

Everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction though and we need to seriously think about the transfer market after it. I have some Christmas money I am willing to send David Gill, it may help. If The Sun is to be believed (I know, I never thought I’d write that either, I blame morphine), Paul Scholes may be up for returning. Getting Scholes to put on the United shirt in anger again has to be one of the easiest conversations Sir Alex will ever have. It’s less Eric in France and more Mike Phelan getting a second helping of cake. Do you fancy it? YES! Easy! Given to Score, January 7th 2012.


This year we have a gap, our arse dents are back on that sofa and it’s not Jose wanting to boot us off it, it’s Bobby from across the road. This year we have the points, and it will give us confidence but we know that leads can be overturned. YES the defence has been leaky but we are showing invention and goals have been coming, bloody good job coz… never mind arrrgh it’s a cycle isn’t it?

The Wigan fixture last season, was where the wheels started to come off but there had been signs leading up to it, you could say things are more in our favour this time around with returning players but words are as cheap as Frank Lampard at the end of the season. Ferdinand and Evra can sit and talk about defensive holes (Evra, of all people) and not repeating mistakes but going to Wigan and winning is the best form of communication.

Selling de Gea, signing Ronaldo, selling Nani, selling both in a package deal to buy Ronaldo, Fergie’s rain rants and all that jazz is nothing. It comes down to what it’s always come down to, playing games and winning points.

 The more things change…

Happy New Year


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