The Song Remains The Same

WE played West Ham United yesterday; it was a game in which we stole a replay from the jaws of certain knock out.  West Ham do not have a hex over us, nor does Sam Allardyce, it was not a case of us not taking the FA Cup seriously; it’s just Manchester United doing what Manchester United do so well and so often, it’s almost becoming boring. Some credit does have to go to West Ham though; returning Hammer hero and Kop flop Joe Cole did make a return and did quite well for a lad who has been exiled in France for some time.

The experts predict that West Ham’s best chance to beat us was on their own turf and that in the replay on ours, United are almost certain of victory. I find it’s hard to believe that any ‘expert’ has seen us play this year if that’s what they predict. Victory has rarely been certain for us this season, we were two up against City for crying out loud, although we did hammer Wigan.

It’s all very the song remains the same. It’s entertaining though and I do like the FA Cup, does the script call for heroic rescue, dramatic failure and eventual glory? This season is rapidly turning out to be a bit bonkers and I refuse to repeat meself with the ‘last gasp’ stuff, so for my own entertainment I’m not.

I will simply point out that the league position, European position, and still being in the FA Cup is not bad for a team which at times this season has been told it has no goalkeeper, no central defence, no left back, a pensionerific midfield who can’t run or pass and a forward who can’t be arsed. In fact we only have one player who can be, and Robin be thy name.

If you are a reading this and share that same opinion, then politely go and read another United flavoured website, a list of my least favourite is available on request. Some will point out stats if that’s your bag, yes, stats and percentages until you are begging to click ‘like’ on Facebook and go back to looking at porn.

I may be fed up of the pattern of our games but the issues have been debated at length and if they get sorted, cool, if not, we’ll just have to hope no one notices and we can laugh and score our way to trophies. Perhaps the media would crown us the first team in the history of sport, to fluke our way to cup finals and league titles.

In a bit. – GTS *

* Should be used as part of a rant controlled diet. Avoid snacking on transfer speculation between websites.

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