Dance Across the Rio Grande

You know you’re something special and you look like you’re the best…

GTS regulars will know that we don’t put much stock in the England national team here, so the inclusion of Rio Ferdinand in Woy’s squad announced yesterday didn’t raise much of an eyebrow but it’s worthy of note that Hodgson is not doing Rio a favour by ending his exclusion, Ferdinand is back in the squad because he deserves to be and there’s no English defender equalling him at the moment.

However you look at this, Rio’s form has come good because he isn’t playing for England; either as an up yours to the people who unceremoniously consigned him to the scrap-heap not so long ago OR because he has been able to get fit and concentrate on club matters, his body benefitting from the extra space in his schedule and his form returning as a result.

Rio owes England nothing, recalling him was the only option they had left (look at Cahill in the Chelsea game against United, and look at Rio at the other end… world’s apart). Though it takes a big man to accept that he was wrong and open the door again, we can’t give Woy too much credit as it was he who shut that door in the first place. Now when his country decides he still has a use, Rio is expected to hop skip and jump to that London and put on those three lions; He is within his rights to say no, stick your three lions up your arse. He won’t. He’s better than that. Expect Rio to play in Outer catamaran or wherever the bloody hell they are playing, because he’s a pro and it’s what he does.

As far as I know at the time of writing this, Rio hasn’t commented on his twitter page about footballing issues. Maybe that says everything, maybe it says nothing. Whatever he does, those who were behind him when the FA put him on the naughty step over pee, those who were behind him when Woy spoke out of turn on the Underground, those who defend his so laid back it’s horizontal defensive style will continue to do so. Manchester United fans will be there when England have decided he’s no good again.

He’s playing like a man who appreciates every game he gets, instead of expecting to be in them all and he is a smart man, he knows where his loyalties lie by now. I doubt he would take the England call up if he believed it would damage his club form, that’s why I think seeing him in one of the England matches may be the limit. Maybe his fitness is up to both, but two England matches and United’s schedule when he comes back? Woy, Alex and Rio might have to have a think.

It’s a blessing and a curse when a United player receives that call from England; part of you thinks don’t take it, stay in cotton wool for United and part of you thinks no, despite what many of us think, it’s a high for anyone to get called up for their country.

Look at the United contingent in the squad, it’s all well deserved but Christ come back injury free, please!

England, you are welcome. – GTS

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