Kick In The Arse!

ARSENAL fans got it wrong on Sunday, their booing of Robin Van Persie, while expected was probably vented in the wrong direction. You have to wonder why on earth those who call Arsenal their team weren’t looking at the Frenchman in the suit in the home dugout or even more culpable the higher up’s that have controlled the purse strings at Arsenal. Ambition is not something to boo, it’s something to be admired and seeing that his were no longer met at Arsenal, he listened to the ‘child’ within and came to win things at Manchester United. Robin had and has always had the right idea, he wasn’t looking to piggyback while the team won and he knocked in the odd goal, he knew that given the price and the history, he’d have light up the team. He certainly did that, with 25 league goals he’s had the highest scoring debut season in the club’s history. Arsene Wenger now says that United probably would have won the league without him because we weren’t a million miles away from doing so last year. It doesn’t have to be a million miles, Arsene, it is still second place. Arsene would remember the difference, if he were still in charge of a team capable of that position.

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Three Points (and each one of them boring)

Forget low gears, United didn’t even need to start the car against Arsenal.

YESTERDAY was Manchester United versus Arsenal. In times gone by that fixture would have been the centre piece of television coverage but yesterday confirmed if confirmation were needed that Arsenal are a poor team and the days of this being the hot rivalry, are gone. It was emphatically stated last year when Arsenal died of embarrassment in this same fixture, this year they offered even less and should have been punished more. The visiting fans offered more imagination than their team, but even then some people missed the subtle nuances of their verbal jousting with us; as I sat underneath the Munich clock waiting for the rest of our party at the end of the game, I heard a woman ask What’s a facking cant?

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Manchester Utd v Arsenal

Manchester United 2 1 Arsenal

Goals: Arshavin 40 mins, Rooney (pen) 59 mins, Diaby OG 63 mins
Man United: Foster; O’Shea, Brown, Vidic, Evra; Fletcher, Carrick, Giggs; Valencia, Rooney, Nani.
Subs: Park for Valencia, Berbatov for Giggs
Arsenal: Almunia; Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy, Denilson, Song, Diaby, Eboue, Van Persie, Arshavin.
Subs: Bendtner for Eboue, Eduardo for Denilson, Ramsey for Arshavin.

“Arsenal are a quality team, snatching defeat from the slack jaws of victory is no easy task.”

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The Wenger Boys are Coming!

YES  it’s that time of year where the weather is as unpredictable as the final scores and new visitors come into the glorious Manchester for a weekend visit. That’s right, Arsenal are in town! While they will be attempting to steal the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – United’s storming win over Wigan last weekend sends us into the game in the right way. Wayne Rooney has started the season in fabulous form and Dimitar Berbatov seems to have found a new gear now that Michael Owen’s arrival means he won’t be the slowest player at the club. Nemanja Vidic’s return gives the team a visible confidence and Ben Foster grows in stature with each outing. That’s not to say he’s going to be ready to topple Van Der Sar as the club’s top ‘keeper just yet, but he seems to be keeping the dodgy confidence blips to a minimum.

“It will reassure everyone to know that Anderson has remembered that he won’t just get into the team because a space has become available. This is not Newcastle United!”

Here comes the science (or the best you are going to get from us)…concentrate! There is a winning formula to United so far this season even after so few games and what is more, ‘Brilliant Ben’ manages to banish his dodgy low confident demons when this formula is folowed. Johnny Evans and Patrice Evra have kept Ben company at the back in both victories so far, Antonio Valencia, Darren Fletcher, Paul Scholes and Nani was the midfield on those occasions with Rooney and the Notorious BERB up front. Fergie opted for Carrick and Anderson against Burnley and well, yes.

On the subject of Anderson, his strop was headline news in the early part of the week and while not denying that the Brazilian flicked his braids in a huff with the boss, he has confirmed that he is happy to stay at the club: “I thought I could play more” said the well mannered midfielder, “”Sir Alex Ferguson has demanded a bigger effort from me and I accept that.” It will reassure everyone to know that the boy has remembered that he won’t just get into the team because a space has become available. This is not Newcastle United!

Bottom line is, for all the hoopla this is Arsenal.  It may be the same division as Wigan but it’s in a different league and we will need the confidence gained from the Wigan game and then some as the the softies from that London have started like the super quick train that got the go ahead. The game is as much a test of where Arsenal are, as it is for us but if our big players (and the tiny ickle Michael Owen) have a blinder then we should have more than Arsenal.

We are quite prepared to see some wild and unexpected things over this weekend, but three point is expected and if we can get a live rendition of the Wenger hit single “I didn’t see it but I think it was wrong” then call it the best weekend ever.

Special thanks MUST go to Sport Cartoons Network for making us laugh! Go over there and tell ’em we sent ya!

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We Could’ve Had It So Much Better

Yesterday was one of the most anticipated days of the year; everyone was up for it and looking forward to finding out what it would bring. But enough about my birthday, there was also a very important football match too. It was chance to stuff the Gooners and move nine clear of crumbling Chelsea. In the event we did not take the chance and as I write here today I am still unable to figure out really what happened.

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Look After the Games and the League Takes Care Of Itself

United v Arsenal – Boil it down to what it is, us against them; quality players on each side (and Darren Fletcher). Who wants it the most?

Good afternoon people, I hope everyone’s weekend is going very well. This is quite a good weekend for football, I’m sure you will all agree. Apologies for the Sky Sports-stylee OTT approach to this weekend’s game against Arsenal but I like so many United fans, am extremely geared up for this game. Games against the Arse are always good, you get the feeling that each one of the United players on that pitch tomorrow will want it a little more – and so they should. Rio will want to stick Henry on his smug backside, Waynewill be wanting to fire on all cylinders again and every single solitary boo which Cristiano Ronaldo gets from the Arsenal fans’ will only drive him on. These weekends sell themselves, without the hype about this being essential to United’s championship push, it’s Arsenal versus Manchester United for crying out loud. That fact is enough to make it an explosive day.

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