Rafa is Interimming

DESPITE the fact that Manchester United are the newly crowned  CHAMPIONS, the circus around the Stamford Bridge team is once again making it all about them. It borders on ridiculous actually and for the sake of previewing let us debate. Chelsea may or may not be considering making an offer to Jose Mourinho, the man they decided wasn’t the man for them now apparently is. You have to think that Roman has been made aware of the  almighty fuck up he made in Chelsea fans eyes when he  appointed Mr Benitez, he will probably look at engineering Jose’s return to make them happy again. Chelsea are a soap opera in their own training ground, chasing European glory to the detriment of everything else and sacking the man who achieves it, scrambling around for cash to offer a manager they booted out?

Do we get another guard of honour tomorrow? The sight of Arsenal doing it last week was fun but the sight of sour faced John Terry having to do it this week on United’s home soil is just too tasty. Maybe I’m too ahead of myself here, I mean, is John Terry starting for Chelsea again? He might be on the bench. It just gets more delicious.

Football wise, Chelsea gave United a game in the FA Cup, or more specifically, Rafa was booed for making a substitution right up until the substitute swung the game their way. United took their collective feet off the pedals that day and with the title already won maybe it’s in us to play like the first half of the Arsenal game, I don’t think we will though because we are playing at Old Trafford.

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This Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

SOON we won’t be able to say it’s the start of the season, we’ll sort ourselves out…  At a certain point November falls into December and you have to be there or thereabouts when it does because that’s when the season starts to count. Whisper it though, while we’ve been bemoaning the defence, the fact that we have to be scared into scoring, or whether the word groundbreaking can apply to a Manchester United formation without wingers, United are within one point of the leaders and in a healthy position in Europe. It was like this last season, largely awful, it was almost as if we were playing a joke on the rest of the footballing world and they took some time to wake up to it, but remember when they did? Out of Europe, nudged into second in the league, we stretched that elastic band to the moon at points last season, rode our luck so many times we had money off coupons.

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Red Dawn?

David steps up, United don’t quit and Hernandez has Chelsea ‘on toast’

UNITED FANS could be forgiven for thinking simply yesterday going into Stamford Bridge; win if we can, don’t get trounced, close the gap. There was going to be a lot of focus on this game and more often than not in big game situations Manchester United deliver, it is the way of the team we all love and it has been right back to those Babes we remember today. Under the spotlight, the boys done good, yes, doubters, even the goalkeeper. In the cold light of day the team can be proud with what they delivered. We were three goals down without it ever really looking deserved. Chelsea will dissect their own performance, and should, because deserved or not they had us on the ropes and left with a point. But they didn’t give us the path back into the game, look at the second half, we bull dozed our own path back.

“Torres could have built a B&Q Warehouse AND watched the Dances With Wolves extended version given the space and time he had to cross the ball but it was a classy strike.”

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