Chewing Over the Toffees

Today is a special day in Liverpool, it is the day before United’s game against Everton and this one is going to be mega because the man accompanying me to the Theatre of Dreams is a bluenose. The banter has been flying, I sent him a picture of Rooney in red, he once again drew on the 1995 Cup Final, the highest of high points in recent times for Everton but also the most predictable route when trying to wind up a red, sing me another!

Bringing up the fact that Denis Law relegated us (which in fact is untrue) with his back heel for City was barely worth a response but all you have to do to light any fire under an Evertonian is show a picture of Villareal celebrating their victory over them or a picture of world famous referee Pierluigi Colina and they are instantly transported back to that night a few seasons ago where a few calls went against them and their little adventure at the big boys table in Europe was over. Of course all this is meant in good humour, I give as much as I take especially living where I do. As I am constantly reminded, Everton had a great team, a fact which easily gets lost when you look at their record recently and the amount of times they have battled relegation. If they had been allowed to play in Europewhen they had THAT team, who knows which parts of Everton’s history would have been different. By the way even now the guy is hovering over my shoulder ‘reminding’ me that when Kevin Moran got sent off Peter Reid was clean through and it could all have been so different – before mentioning the 5-0 victory for his team in the same season. But I digress!

I have been to Everton a few times when they have visited in the past. I remember one year I had two games in a row, Everton was one of them and on that night it ended 2:2 as I recall, Duncan Disorderly made a nuisance of himself as usual but importantly a rather good young prospect by the name of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made his debut in the reserves (perhaps at Oldham). He would do so well in that game that he played in the Blackburn game on the following Saturday and the rest as they say, is history. I have some unsavoury memories of Everton too, involving flying cans of beer from the supporters coach to our car as we waited to be let out of the car park. Whatever, the games are always good, if more than a bit spicy since the transfer of Mr Rooney. Slating Everton and Mr. Moyes on his way out of Goodison was not a good move but you can’t blame the lad for wanting to move on, at times he has been badly advised and made strange comments but on the pitch he is “El Blanco Pele”.

So here’s to a great night, three points in the back pocket will do nicely thank you very much and if we play like we did in the first half against Chelsea we should have too much for the toffees. The returning Philip Neville will get a good reception, and let’s hope that Big Sam will do us a favour in Bolton’s game against Chelsea

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