Is There Life On Moyes?

He’s got red hair…

IF reports are to be believed, Everton chairman Bill Kenwright will have walked in the smoggy London air last night knowing that his manager David Moyes wants to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. In a city notable for talking, the blue side of it was staying remarkably silent yesterday as news sunk in of Sir Alex’s impending departure. David Moyes was one of the names instantly linked and Goodison Park went mute.

It’s a city where the people tell you everything like it’s must have info, I cannot tell you the amount of times I was told that such and such was in town to sign with Liverpool or Everton. The lad who told me he drove Martin O’Neil round looking at houses because he was due to land the Liverpool job, well, we lost touch. When I heard that Kieran Richardson was at Everton’s training complex to sign, I laughed and apologised for the apparent addition. He didn’t go there. You can’t win ‘em all. Yesterday was odd. No one was speaking at all. Then, rumours became confirmed sightings were concrete and a manager was talking to his Chairman in that London.

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Hands Up if You Want to Win the League

Questions and answers as the business end of the season approaches.

While I was watching the Southampton game, I was surrounded by many an expert telling me ‘eeee yaaaa lad put this in, Nani is shit. Put that. That’d be class. I’d read that’. Somebody did say something which made me giggle. There’s movement on the United bench, Nani’s getting ready to come on and as he crosses the touchline and takes to the action, the guy next to me slams down his pint and shouts loudly;

“Fuck me, if Nani’s the answer, what is the fucking question?!”

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Just Like Watching FIFA!

THE MANCHESTER United squad, complete with the man so notorious, only initials are necessary; RVP, rolled into Goodison park last night to take on Everton. It seems like five minutes since the blue side of Merseyside had dealt United the fatal blow in the title chase. At the end of that game, we scratched our heads and asked, very seriously, what just happened? How could that happen?

Months on from that, we return and say gloriously and as seriously as ever…. Thank Eric we don’t have to play them again for a while.

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