John Terry: England Captain

CHEAP  shot? Never let it be said that Given to Score is above taking the low ground when it isn’t appropriate, necessary or at the very least, really really funny.


When John ‘Mr Chelsea’ Terry strode forward to take the penalty to win the Champions’ League for his team. Who truly expected him to miss in such spectacular fashion? I certainly didn’t. He should have hit the back of the net, the first European Cup victory should have been delivered by the man who bleeds blue and white.


Something did strike me as odd on the run up for the Stamford Bridge captain. Watch the footage again and you will see on his way to the penalty area, he’s looking determined, his chest is puffed out and he’s pushing his captains’ armband into full view. Moving it round to the front so that the watching world are in absolutely no uncertainty as to who is about to achieve history for this club. He believed it, and he wanted everyone else to believe it as well. Confidence in taking a penalty and believing you will score is one thing. Hyping up the moment yourself is a dangerous game to play because there is every chance that in such circumstance, a person can be hoisted by their own petard.


The armband thing is easy to miss and easy to read into but if you believe in karma as much as we do, you can argue that this outward show of bravado missed the penalty. John Terry’s outward arrogance cost him the victory as much as Nicholas Anelka’s outward lack of belief did.


John Terry may have kept his side in the final with a key clearance, but arguably his karma lost them it when he believed he had it won.


Maybe this is wrong, maybe the not so cleverly hidden spitting at Carlos Tevez and the armband issue were not key points, maybe karma does not exist and maybe this whole article is flawed because of it. After all, it was a terribly rainy night and so many other players had trouble in the slippery conditions of that penalty spot. Oh wait, no they hadn’t. It’s just John Terry then.


John Terry, England captain. Having to stand there during ‘I Vow to Thee My Country’ while you watch your conquerors collect the trophy that YOU told everyone was yours? Harsh indeed but maybe next time he will step up and put the ball in the net and he will celebrate when the job is done, NOT when he wants everyone to THINK it is.


John Terry, England Captain.

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