Anderson to Leave?

IT APPEARS that no one told Anderson that GtS wanted a quiet week this week as some of us were taking the lack of a midweek game and going, well, somewhere else! But no, our midfield maestro, genius,   squad member decides to go and have words with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Reports in both the Daily Mirror (hmmmmm) and the MEN (well, OK then) suggest that the Brazilian “reacted badly” to being left out of the Community Shield. Really? That Charity game? Honestly, Ando? You’re going to risk your Manchester United career by throwing your toys out of your (probably very well financed) pram over…the Cha…Community Shield? Frankly, having seen your performance against Burnley it’s somewhat surprising you have made any appearances at all so far this season. The Daily Mirror claim, that Anderson claims  “he would prefer to quit rather than sit on the sidelines, Ferguson is willing to grant him his wish.”

But wait. Former United stars, mentioning no names, have ‘allegedly’ been instructed to start rocking the boat to stimulate a transfer, could that be what’s occurring here? Does anyone know if Man Ciiteh are after a promising yet under-performing and arguably overrated midfielder? Oh wait no, they have Gareth Barry!

When Sir Alex asked for the players to step up and fill the Cristiano Ronaldo void, it can be safely assumed that he didn’t mean in this way!

Still… you’ve only wound up Sir Alex Ferguson, many United star has done that and lived to play another day in the red of Manchester United. Oh wait. No they haven’t!

Best of luck with this one, Anderson. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

In a bit.  GtS

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