Rooney, Songs and Perfect Jogging

The pomp and occasion that would meet the occasion of United’s first home game under a new manager missing a little on Monday night. Maybe it died a death in a shallow grave under the Wayne Rooney issue, because I don’t buy that it was a sleepy affair because it came so soon into the season. You watch United against Liverpool and see whether that’s even remotely half arsed. In fairness it got better in the second half and wasn’t as sleep inducing on the television as I remember it being in person but still.

Wayne Rooney was professional, nothing more. He was cheered though and the Chelsea fans clearly enjoyed adding his name to their repertoire. Whether they actually want him I don’t know but no team in their right mind would turn him down. He makes a squad or a team stronger. The fact he played at all and was subbed, said a lot. I think United have done what they needed to do here. A lot of fans seem to think anyone will stay at their club for reasons mirroring their own dedication to the team. In this day and age that is unlikely. Wayne Rooney will not have found a deep love for Manchester United if he hasn’t already got one. He’s probably not had an epiphany, he’s had a look at his contract and counted the bonus he is on for loyalty and not submitting a formal transfer request. That story is in the Daily Mirror and I have no doubt that it, or something like it has dawned in our number 10’s organically stitched previously marble melon. He thanked us for our response, but we are a smart lot and we realise that unless horrifically injured, Wayne Rooney in your side is better than Wayne Rooney out of it; whoever he was trying to make the point to.

Monday night put that boy Wayne centre stage and yes he ran everywhere and tried, but it shouldn’t mask the real team issues. When will we leave Ryan Giggs on the bench as a coach and give the job of ignighting the team’s spark to someone else? Pip Nev has retired so we won’t see him in there if Anderson ever puffs out his cheeks and needs to depart the action, knackered, by the sixth minute mark. The fact that Ryan hasn’t retired and we can still call on him, doesn’t mean we always should. It’s a double edged sword, like in music where you may agree that no one will ever get close to the impact of the Beatles but that realisation might also make you a little sad. Can no one even get close by now? Not to his record or his legacy maybe but, someone needs to step up and create their own.

‘Tis the season for change, after all. GTS

Strike Back: Project FA Cup

TO be completely honest with you I’m invested in the history and the meaning of the FA Cup and I want Manchester United to win it but as I sit here today thinking about tomorrow’s game with Fulham, it doesn’t really matter what competition the game comes in for me.  it’s another chance for us to get to where we want to go. FA Cup, Europe and the league are all fair game but they are also chances for excitement, pure and simple. Success is what they are going for but you have to enjoy the journey too.

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Leave The Palace, Come to the Theatre!

THERE are unconfirmed reports this morning that a deal has been done regarding the transfer of Wilfried Zaha from Crystal Palace to Manchester United. David Gill confirmed their interest in him on Wednesday.

The footballer tweeted some days ago that he was on his way to the top of the Premier League and rumours have persisted that he will sign a deal and be loaned back to the Championship side in a Chris Smalling Fulham stylee.

GTS has been ‘researching’ the developments (reading the online opinion and newspapers with a coffee and a sausage muffin thank you very much Costa). Most of the opinion is as you’d expect, is he over rated? Can he make the step up? Are Arsenal seriously involved? Something of interest did crop up from James Scowcroft on Thursday (17.1.13). He was discussing Zaha’s appearance at Old Trafford for Palace in December 2011;

He was still at the stage where he wasn’t always able to make the right decision about when to use his ability to manipulate the ball at speed and take his man on – and when to look for the other options which a team-mate might provide. That’s the ability he has developed in the past 13 months. (The Independent)

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