It’s About Manchester Pride

The biggest weekend of the season so far awaits us. You’re either red, blue or a commentator, otherwise you’re not getting in. This is about local pride. It’s about going to school and work on Monday and being able to put the red calendar in the office for the next few months until we meet again at the Middle Eastlands later in the season. It’s about one side of the city shutting up when this game is mentioned because the result went the wrong way. It’s about putting an end to Citeh’s high ideals of breaking into the top four, OR it’s about Mark Hughes getting one over his old manager and proving what he already believes…City are ready for bigger things.

For United, Foster looks set to continue in goal and the GtS office would like to think Vidic is partnered by Johnny Evans, and of course Patrice Evra should play. Darren Fletcher was rested in Europe, for this encounter, this game is made for Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov, football’s version of Running to Stand Still is likely to get the nod over Michael Owen. We could be wrong, who knows. Rio Ferdinand is almost certainly out.

By now, the Adebayor event has made its mark. You have a man who was playing against the side he openly couldn’t wait to leave, their fans were giving him jip and it would be nice to say that scoring is enough of a statement to make in their direction. Football doesn’t work that way, and I have spoken before about absolutely loving the moment Wayne Rooney (having taken stick from Everton fans at Old Trafford one year), turned to them and kissed his badge. In fact, the GtS staff immortalised the moment in our banner.

I’m not the FA so I can quite happily say that I can understand his reaction. So can most people I am sure, unless they think that a player should take verbal off the crowd and do nothing because he is paid enough to ignore it. I suppose this stance is typical of a Manchester United fan who, like others at the time and now, defended the indefensible when Eric Cantona introduced his foot to Matthew wotstit’s face at Crystal Palace. Let’s also remember Gary Neville galloping to celebrate the United goal against Liverpool. He suffered financially, but then he didn’t stamp on a former colleague as well.

Yes, reactions are heat of the moment, yes they are probably ill-advised but at the same time they are understandable and much as I would like the Citeh Boo Camp boys to be weakened going into the Manchester derby, I’d hope Adebayor gets a ban and no further action. It’s not like he is Eduardo or anything is it?

If Citeh are to be weakened then it looks like it’s going to be news that makes me all tingly as I write. Carlos Tevez may miss out! I should tell you that I deleted and re-wrote that sentence a few times and it sent a shiver down my spine. A shiver of disappointment too. I was looking forward to welcoming the money grabbing whiney Argie back to the Theatre. Yes, he probably still would have been ‘hero-worshipped’ had he stayed at Old Trafford but he didn’t did he, so it’s open season.

A few notable points in this City Tevez saga mean that he will never be thought of fondly by United fans ever ever again. Chief amongst them is the way that fans everywhere are now admitting that it was kind of silly to attach ourselves to a player who hardly had track record of loyalty. The Hammer sign when he returned to Upton Park with us, our fans cheering his name when he’d allegedly already decided it was off to the Middle Eastlands for him. There’s an alleged phone conversation between himself and an Argentine handball specialist in which he admits to worrying about not playing because it would lower his value. There is the belief that he only signed for Citeh over Liverpool because the Anfailed club were proposing payment for Carlos in instalments and City offered the full whack up front.

If you weren’t taken in by Carlos and his “desire” to stay at our club then well done you, and I’m sure you can feel superior now that everyone who was taken in by it has woken up.

 He adds an interesting flavour to the game if he plays. It’s all about Manchester Pride, so to speak and we can’t wait. GtS

Photograph courtesy of MoultyMedia © 2009

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