Just Little Boys Throwing Stones


THINK  of the teams that have gone on to win the league, just for fun. The ones that meant something to me because they hurt or they were amazing, go a little like this… Leeds United 1992, hurt like hell. Arsenal 2004, 26 wins 12 draws 90 points with Chelsea’s 79 in second and United’s 75 in third. Blackburn Rovers’ 1995 triumph by just a point from United. City last year on goal difference… we all have our memories as painful and happy as they may be in equal measure and I know there are points in all those seasons mentioned where luck has played a part, but dear reader you need to prepare yourself for a first in the history of the Premier League or any division in history come to think of it. Continue reading “Just Little Boys Throwing Stones”


Hands Up if You Want to Win the League

Questions and answers as the business end of the season approaches.

While I was watching the Southampton game, I was surrounded by many an expert telling me ‘eeee yaaaa lad put this in, Nani is shit. Put that. That’d be class. I’d read that’. Somebody did say something which made me giggle. There’s movement on the United bench, Nani’s getting ready to come on and as he crosses the touchline and takes to the action, the guy next to me slams down his pint and shouts loudly;

“Fuck me, if Nani’s the answer, what is the fucking question?!”

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Don’t Ever Be Denied

VE (Victory at Etihad) Day is over, Sunderland awaits

HOW was the Manchester derby for everyone? Are you happy with the feeling of revenge that Wayne Rooney alluded to or, like Gary Neville, are you a bigger person who isn’t motivated by such feelings when Man United return to scenes of crimes? Whichever side of that particular fence you find yourself on I am sure you can all agree it put a smile on your face.

I won’t say it was a funny old game, it played out exactly as I thought it would, even when United went two nil up, at no point did I have the confidence that we would prevent them from creating chances, finding ways through our defence or more likely, being given a route back into the game by our own play. In the same fixture last season there was a feeling in myself and those around me that United were not at the races and City wanted it more, you hoped United would find their way but it never happened. This season’s we’re going to score one more than you philosophy has taken us this far and this is the Manchester United I wanted to pit against Manchester City; it’s been the thing that annoys, infuriates or entertains about our team, it’s been drawn upon more at this stage of the season than ever before and it’s what made the derby mouth-watering to me.

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The Etihad Redemption

HERE we are, it’s all come down to this. It’s about the league, it’s about being top dog in the city and it’s about putting right that travesty from October when they came to our place and did that. They’ve dined out on that ever since, and they have had the cheek to provide the sternest challenge to us, some would say it shows how far they have come and they may have a point, but we are Manchester United and we rise to the challenge of anyone who wants to give us a go; fear can hold you prisoner, hope will set you free, and we owe them big style.

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The New Pencil Case

WASN’T it nice to see Manchester United turn up on Sunday? If they continue to do so, we will win the league. Sir Alex isn’t about to fall for the ‘it’s over’ songs being sung over at the Council House across town; even if Mancini was right about the gap being back to five points on Sunday night (pissing Alex McLeish off in the process). Aston Villa didn’t offer a lot in the way of resistance and enough of our players were having a good day.

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I Always Rated William Prunier

DURING pre-Christmas week I was in hospital. I had my ankle broken and fused in three places at a right angle and a tendon moved from one side of my foot to the other. I got out of hospital at 10pm the day before Christmas eve, the paramedic transport forgot about me, I went to my parents’ house and I spent 5 days being babied by my Mum. I have had better months.

But Manchester United’s form over the same period, now THAT was painful.

In Europe and on the home front we have been getting spanked harder than a politician in a dungeon with a safe word.

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