Don’t Basel it Up This Time, Boys!

AFTER the day that shall not be mentioned, and a few dodgy moments over all in recent weeks, you could say we need a result tonight. No, scratch that, we got a result at Goodison… and our history says that we are good at grinding out 1-0’s at important times. We needed a result and we got one against Everton. We need something else tonight.

We need a different kind of result now, yes we need to win and frankly another clean sheet would not be a bad thing, but I’d quite like to see us absolutely muller Otelul Galati. The strong, assured, 1-0, professional performance is all well and good but Basel and that derby thing hurt. Someone has to pay, Aldershot doesn’t count, destroying them anymore than we did would have been like shooting Bambi’s mum. Tonight we should be able to do our job and still manage to put them to the sword.

Who cares if a 4:0 victory gets newspaper journo’s giving a rather ‘meh’ reaction. So what if it isn’t one of our big clashes? Yes this is for European points and all that but please can we, just for tonight, face a team we should
hammer and actually hammer them? Destroy them for the United fans that watch the game! The ones in the ground, the ones in front of the telly, the ones half way around the world even. We watched that monstrosity, we all had to go out
into the town, face work colleagues or whatever on the back of that abysmal affair and I hope that everyone on the pitch that day in red felt every minute of it. We’ll get to that lot next year, we’re already back on the horse in the League and it’s steady as she goes…

Sorry, Otelul Galati, you have to lose heavily for us tonight. That isn’t directed at any particular player on that team don’t worry I haven’t put any money on own goals…

Sir Alex should say the right things to the boys, don’t Basel it up again, basically. He will say the right things, he has been doing that for 25 years, he’ll do what is right and he will bollock them when it’s going wrong but from a fan, from the bottom of my red heart, with as much sincerity as I have ever typed on this website…

For our sanity, win boys. Win and win big.

Author: The Editor

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