This Is Not Here

THE match reaction from GTS included comments from Michael Owen made to Rollin Reds magazine and as such the article has been taken down because Given to Score “is not always presented in the way that the club would want us to behave as their representatives of MU disabled supporters so it will need looking into.”

We are currently in contact with the editor of the magazine to see if we can put the material back up but people have spoken and for now it is gone.

We sent the article to the staff of the magazine. Two days later, MUDSA confirmed it was better to “err on the side of caution” and pull the use of the Michael Owen comments. We have decided not to re-publish the article without them. It’s a fast paced world and though the article was good and deserved to be read, it’s yesterday’s news and we can and will write better in the coming months.

All that remains is this lovely view of the Stretty End from my seat inside the Theatre of Dreams. This picture is now the most viewed thing in the history of Given to Score – thanks to you all and especially Claire.


GTS Team

Photography © C. Lindsay 2011. Used by permission.

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