The New Pencil Case

WASN’T it nice to see Manchester United turn up on Sunday? If they continue to do so, we will win the league. Sir Alex isn’t about to fall for the ‘it’s over’ songs being sung over at the Council House across town; even if Mancini was right about the gap being back to five points on Sunday night (pissing Alex McLeish off in the process). Aston Villa didn’t offer a lot in the way of resistance and enough of our players were having a good day.

That this season we have been good enough to (almost) win the league is probably laughable. At times we have been nothing short of shambolic but we shouldn’t apologise for that too much because despite it all, we are top of the league; but our end of season report will still read must do better.

It is not our fault that, in our season down with the mere mortals, no-one has been good enough to take real advantage. Only Man City have been right there with us and given the investment in that team, so they should be.

Allow us into glass half empty mode for a second or two, there might be  a course of action where the almighty chipmunk in charge of the purse strings decides we have done well enough with what we have and do not need further investment. Mr G might well use this season (and the possible league trophy) as proof that no money needs to be spent.

OK so that’s not just glass half empty, it’s dry but given the scroogey nature of the money men at OT it needs thinking about. It’s just like the debate I had with my Dad every summer before school re-started; why did I need a new pencil-case when there was nothing wrong with the old one? It usually functioned perfectly well, he was correct but everyone else got new stuff and damn it, turning up with last year’s gear was just going to death to my social life. Some things deserve investment.

We might not need wholesale changes, but Berba will be off, Fletch might not be up to returning, does anyone know if Archie is postponing his retirement next year too? We might not need a new pencil-case but a few quality pens are desperately needed.

Once the destination of the league title is concluded, we will all get to debate the who and the how much.


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