Strike Back: Project FA Cup

TO be completely honest with you I’m invested in the history and the meaning of the FA Cup and I want Manchester United to win it but as I sit here today thinking about tomorrow’s game with Fulham, it doesn’t really matter what competition the game comes in for me.  it’s another chance for us to get to where we want to go. FA Cup, Europe and the league are all fair game but they are also chances for excitement, pure and simple. Success is what they are going for but you have to enjoy the journey too.

But it does remind me that Dimitar Berbatov makes a return to OT, Kieran Richardson picked up an injury last week so he misses out on a chance to show us what we are missing (bwaaaaaaaahahahahaha). Dimitar was a quality striker who arguably never fulfilled expectation / potential at our club and he comes into contact with Robin Van Persie who very much has hit the ground running. It’s got to be like that bit where you meet the ex and you look like shit and are single and they look a million quid and have a new someone who also looks a million quid. Berbatov was football’s answer to cult television, something which convinces a small group of absolute believers but fails to reach the wider world. Firefly basically. You either get that, or you don’t and if you don’t then you have kind of made my point.

It’s my belief that when a player falls short of expectation, Sir Alex tags him with the supportive comment that ends with the phrase ‘offers us something different’. Nani offers us something different because he can’t cross successfully every time. Dimitar wasn’t scoring as many as was expected but it was okay because he offered us something different.

Robin Van Persie is what happens when a player comes to Old Trafford on form and not only likes the stage he is given, but takes it like it was his all along and we were just waiting for him. We like arrogance at this club, Eric Cantona told us he wanted to help us win the league for the first time in twenty-six years and he did it. RVP told us he wanted to help us win title number twenty and he is going a long way to help us do just that. Signing him was just like FIFA, watching him score this many goals is downright Championship Manager.

Time ran out for the something that Dimitar brought to Manchester United, there is no something different phrase needed for RVP. He doesn’t offer us something different, we know exactly, he’s a goal scorer a goal scorer scores goals.

It’ll be nice to see Dimi back though.


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