There Goes the Neighbourhood?


DAVID GILL is to step down as the chief executive in the summer. Let’s look at the nice things he had to say in a statement yesterday. We’ve added translations for effect.

WHAT HE SAID: It has been the greatest privilege to serve Manchester United

Alvin, Simon and Theodore paid him thirty pieces to stay on so it was most certainly within his interests to do so.

WHAT HE SAID: I have worked alongside the finest manager in the history of the game and been part of what I consider to be the best club in the best sport in the world.

He sat there and watched as the best club has become the corner piece of a family jigsaw and he watched the finest manager continue to be so despite that.

WHAT HE SAID: It has been a very hard decision because I love this club and, as the fans’ banner says, it is, ‘more than a religion’.

Lip service. Mentioning the fans. Irony, thy name is David. Or the statement writer.

WHAT HE SAID: I am also of the view that all businesses need to refresh with new management and ideas and after 10 years in charge I believe it is appropriate for someone new to pick up the baton.

Despite opinions to the contrary, Gill has not been stood standing still while Alvin, Simon and Theodore have milked the name of our club and the brand for every single penny. Someone with ‘fresh’ ideas may just milk it a little bit more. Stadium naming rights?

WHAT HE SAID: I’m delighted Ed has accepted the role.

The fans bloody wont be. It’s another puppet in a key role and possibly a few more ideas get the green light as a result. You think David Gill was bad?

WHAT FERGIE SAID: I have been here for over 26 years and for 23 of those years my boss has been one of only two men: Martin Edwards, who brought me to the club, and David Gill.  I have enjoyed working with both.

Because he is the main man at the top of the football club no question. But would you blame him for thinking that he doesn’t have to invest so much time in the new guy? The bigger plan is Fergie’s successor so maybe he can afford to think that for the most part, the new guy won’t be his problem for too long in the scheme of things.

At least we still have Sir Alex. Although this maybe changes that timetable too, time will tell.


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