Waiting in the Sky

WHAT did we learn from the trip to Queens Park Rangers then. Anybody, anybody?

We learnt that they are going to have to mount a challenge of epic proportions to even think about escaping. In reality they may already be down which is a shame for them but they offered nothing on Saturday to even suggest they are capable.

The game was a bit of a weird one, when Javier Hernandez flicked that header over and the QPR ‘keeper saved, it looked like United were going to steamroller the London side. It didn’t happen that way but I’m sure everyone has seen that Rafael goal a few times by now.

With twenty-two minutes played, Ryan Giggs finds Hernandez and then runs to collect the ball once it is lost, then finds Robin Van Persie for an effort the ‘keeper only palmed away, probably a safe distance away too but Rafael had other ideas, he shrugged off QPR attentions and sent a rocket into the top corner from what must have been twenty-two yards. Goal of the month.

That moment of supreme quality is enough of a talking point, coming as it did from a player who is more than growing into his own in the right back position. He was on hand to clear from Chris Samba on the line, collect Michael Carrick’s pass, leg it down the right and pass for a Van Persie volley which was saved, THOSE moments are good enough too.

But this, seemingly ordinary Saturday against drab ordinary opposition had other things to delight us; namely Robin Van Persie dropping in on a camera man in the world’s largest divot. Hopes are that Robin will be raring to face Real, but don’t you think Sir Alex would be somewhat pissed off at that turn of events? It’s bizarre to think we might lose our striker for key fixtures because of a hole, and have you seen the pictures? The cameraman does not look remotely bothered.

Then there was that passage of play where Paddy Evra plummets to the ground, the ref allows QPR to keep possession and then when United win it back and Danny Welbeck attacks, the man in the middle blows up so that Evra can get treatment. On another day we may have made more of that but we are not Man City, and when things like that happen to us we keep going the way we do, in most cases it all works out. This time Ryan Giggs capped a great performance with a goal, a run that escapes everyone and a quality finish. That right footed cross / shot that hit the crossbar wasn’t bad either.

In closing, think of this; in one month David de Gea has gone from the most scrutinised ‘keeper in England to having bugger all to do except one save from Remy, he’s looking the business and it helps when QPR hardly manage an attack on goal.

Football is a crazy crazy world.


Bowie was just for my own amusement. So was the alliteration.

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