Archie’s Off Too!

Paul Scholes is expected to make Sunday’s game with Swansea more emotional that in it was already going to be, by announcing his retirement from football. This is of course the sequel to his first retirement, which hit United fans in May 2011 to unhappy reviews and this time it is expected to stick. There had been rumours of a coaching role with the incoming manager David Moyes when the current Everton boss brings Pip Neville back to the Theatre of Dreams on his staff (employed staff, that is, not some sort of long stick thing with Phil sat on it).

It marks the end of a quiet few months for Archie, when news broke that he would not be included in the squad to face Real Madrid in the first leg, Given to Score was first to break the news that he was off buying a kitchen. It is perhaps fitting that a man who spent most of his career happy to be in the background, bows out in the last home game under Sir Alex Ferguson, whilst the spotlight will be on Fergie, the midfielder may think he can sneak off without being noticed; Manchester United noticed you, Paul and in a week where thank you seemed woefully inadequate, I’m afraid it’s all we have.

Thank you for your contribution, thank you for coming back, thank you for Port Vale in the League Cup, Bradford, Man City and all those magical bits in between.

He may have preferred life out of the spotlight but thank heavens his football put him in it.

One last thing, no-one else is allowed to retire now. Has anyone checked Ryan Giggs’ contract? Is it signed? That’s what they said about Mark Hughes and then we found out there was pension issues and he leaves for Chelsea. Even if it’s signed, get him to go over it.

No one else is retiring, surely the kitchen isn’t that nice!


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