Is There Life On Moyes?

He’s got red hair…

IF reports are to be believed, Everton chairman Bill Kenwright will have walked in the smoggy London air last night knowing that his manager David Moyes wants to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. In a city notable for talking, the blue side of it was staying remarkably silent yesterday as news sunk in of Sir Alex’s impending departure. David Moyes was one of the names instantly linked and Goodison Park went mute.

It’s a city where the people tell you everything like it’s must have info, I cannot tell you the amount of times I was told that such and such was in town to sign with Liverpool or Everton. The lad who told me he drove Martin O’Neil round looking at houses because he was due to land the Liverpool job, well, we lost touch. When I heard that Kieran Richardson was at Everton’s training complex to sign, I laughed and apologised for the apparent addition. He didn’t go there. You can’t win ‘em all. Yesterday was odd. No one was speaking at all. Then, rumours became confirmed sightings were concrete and a manager was talking to his Chairman in that London.

That left people to muse over David Moyes and why he would be the best man for the job, take your pick. He was one of those on the list when Ferguson needed an assistant, Moyes left Preston for the interview but it was decided he wouldn’t need to be leaving them permanently at that time. Old Trafford, it seemed, would have to wait. Sir Alex went for Steve McClaren but He remained friendly with David Moyes and earlier this year, when United suits asked for his imput, Ferguson pointed to Moyes as worthy of employment at the Premier League Champions.

One who was also being touted as a possible was Jose Mourinho. I would welcome that appointment right up until the point I remember that for all the success Jose has had, European success too, it may be fair to say that he doesn’t believe in longevity. He is a footballing Dr. David Banner, who pulls up in town makes a big noise and leaves town when the wind changes.  The United board look to have sacrificed Domestic and European trophy track record for a man who believes in roots before wings. If you sew it, the trophies will come.

Bill Kenwright is a gracious man who always tries to make the best of every situation for Everton Football Club. He did it when Wayne Rooney wanted to move to United, it ‘broke his heart’ but he got the best deal for Everton. You can be sure that the same will apply to this situation and despite the talking between Moyes and his chairman; it won’t be a done deal until everyone is happy. David Moyes will want to leave Everton on good terms as well but according to all sources, it’s a question of when and not if, he is announced as man to take over from Sir Alex.

It would make sense for both Ferguson and Moyes to finish the season where they are, there is two matches for them both and a lot of talking still to be done. Someone also needs to tell the Everton playing staff as well, which could be happening within a few hours of you reading this. Both Everton and Manchester United will want this tied up as soon as possible, there’s every reason to suggest we will know who is going to be the new manager before or just after the outgoing one gets his hands on the Premier League trophy.

Both men’s departures were always going to happen, it seems for David Moyes his time at the Theatre has come. It’s been years in the making.


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