Seven and the Ragged Tiger

SO that was the summer. Falcao went but we expected him to be off, Nani went too but he had been on loan so long you probably forgot we even still owned him.  The pea came back, a bit hairier than I remember him and whilst it’s fair to say the break was in both parties’ best interests I am glad to see it wasn’t a break up. There may still be some United resurrection for  Javier, that is something which Angel Di Maria didn’t need, want, look for or deserve quite frankly; whether he was unsettled in Manchester or unhappy at United (tried engineering a move to the blue lot across the road, did he? Snake), I care not – it nosedived spectacularly for that boy but I do think the new number seven will be fine with standing on the shoulders of giants. For a while it did seem like no one would be good enough, Robson, Beckham, Ronaldo… who could possibly follow that? United saw fit to bring the 7 down a peg or two, in the modern world it was perhaps becoming the Raheem Stirling of squad numbers; too big for its boots, so we cleansed it, with Michael Owen. Then there was the time Tony V was too scared, we gave it to Angel Di Maria – for all of one year. Following David Beckham, Ronaldo? New occupant Memphis might be a little scared, but following that Argentinian piece of work? I’m quite sure Memphis tra la la’d into Big L’s office and said “thanks boss, I can definitely follow that!”

Part of me thinks and hopes a large part of him laughed in the face of history, maybe it’s not OK to be dwarfed by a number on your back and maybe you have to know the players that have worn it so that you know the standard. When faced with the challenge to make a shirt number his own, I want a new United signing to say “FUCK YES!”

“That’s pretty arrogant, considering the company you are in!”

“Yes sir”

“I like that”

You think Adnan was scared that he wouldn’t live up to Ryan Giggs’ legacy? I can tell you right now he won’t, but he took the number and with the greatest respect to the boy, flying high or sucking more than a new born baby, he’s not afraid.

Luke Shaw was superb on Saturday, he has reverted back to the number he wore at Southampton, possibly by choice, possibly because LVG had an occupant in mind for that shirt and we won’t know until the end of the transfer window. As I sat watching the game against Tottenham I listened to the peanut gallery spout off about how “anything over 30 isn’t a number, why would you choose that?”

The player makes the number, the number does not make the player.

Let’s unregister David from number 1 now before it’s too late and Romero is stuck with a basketball squad number all season. Remember when Blackburn Rovers had to file for SPECIAL DISPENSATION to make Chris Sutton number 9 instead of 16?

Written. Special dispensation. From the FA Premier League no less. Didn’t they have other things to do?

Look at the players we have in our team, in our squad, watch them on the pitch, we have them, regardless of the number on their back. We can give a player the number of footballing Gods (or Angels), it’s up to him what he does with it.

I think Real Madrid would still want David De Gea if his number had been 45 instead of 1.

Enjoy Paris Angel, thanks for nothing.


Author: The Editor

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