Seven and the Ragged Tiger

SO that was the summer. Falcao went but we expected him to be off, Nani went too but he had been on loan so long you probably forgot we even still owned him.  The pea came back, a bit hairier than I remember him and whilst it’s fair to say the break was in both parties’ best interests I am glad to see it wasn’t a break up. There may still be some United resurrection for  Javier, that is something which Angel Di Maria didn’t need, want, look for or deserve quite frankly; whether he was unsettled in Manchester or unhappy at United (tried engineering a move to the blue lot across the road, did he? Snake), I care not – it nosedived spectacularly for that boy but I do think the new number seven will be fine with standing on the shoulders of giants. For a while it did seem like no one would be good enough, Robson, Beckham, Ronaldo… who could possibly follow that? United saw fit to bring the 7 down a peg or two, in the modern world it was perhaps becoming the Raheem Stirling of squad numbers; too big for its boots, so we cleansed it, with Michael Owen. Then there was the time Tony V was too scared, we gave it to Angel Di Maria – for all of one year. Following David Beckham, Ronaldo? New occupant Memphis might be a little scared, but following that Argentinian piece of work? I’m quite sure Memphis tra la la’d into Big L’s office and said “thanks boss, I can definitely follow that!”

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Breaking Into Heaven

How do I even start to do justice to what I witnessed last night? I can’t possibly, however good at writing I pretend to be, but I can try. I will say it was one of the best nights of my life, ever, not just in the football arena. Unless you support Liverpool you cannot disagree that at least 45 minutes of that game was football perfection, not that the second 45 was a let down by any stretch of the imagination. Predictions going into the game were mostly sure of one thing, we’d probably score, but also there was a fair chance we would make it hard for ourselves and that we would end up going out of the competition. The build up in Mancunia and in the real world was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Those going to the game anticipated that it would be a great night and those not going to the game were all along with us, united like no other time I can remember. All predictions were blown well and truly out of the water!

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That Boy Ronaldo

RONALDO is class and I have said so many many times, so has everyone else with any emotional investment in Manchester United. United fans offer no apologies for the support we offered that player when he was blamed for everything and the kitchen sink at the World Cup, we are reaping the benefits of the boy being at the right club for him at that stage of his career and now at this, the squeaky time of the season. Newspapers make me laugh, every single part of the media makes me laugh. During this season at various points we have had “he’s off, he can’t play in England again”, “He won’t play with Rooney” – tabloid exclusives apparently, who were then sent wheeling backwards when he didn’t in fact leave England, leave Manchester United, hate Wayne Rooney or even have a problem with the manager. The only problem was that Sir Alex hadn’t updated his phone book with Ronnie’s new number, easily done, Sir Alex, easily done.

Then the Gods of the Spanish Press over at Marca thumb their nose at Ronaldo’s happiness at United and the club’s stance that he is not for sale, by reminding us of all the times Real Madrid have been told a player was not for sale. Yet again, if the lad himself said anything it was big news, if he said I am happy at United, they added ‘at the moment’, if he said nothing on the subject it was taken as a sure sign he is leaving. Manchester United and Ronaldo himself cannot win in this situation. The club and the player are making all the right moves, discussing a new contract, and the boy is making statements with his feet. The statement being, United = Premiership. Full stop. If there are more competitions that come up between then and now, you get the feeling that our boy Ronaldo would happily represent Manchester United on his own. In this form, he would probably beat the opposition too.

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Our Arse Dent’s On The Premiership Sofa Now, Jose!

This site is updated regularly but not merely to post what happened in the match before it. If there is nothing to say, there is usually no update but I couldn’t let this day go without one. It is, after all the last day of the year and Alex the red nosed manager’s birthday so if nothing else it’s worth a bookmark because of that. Then, I’m watching that once great institution ‘Match of the Day’ on the BBC and I’m suddenly inspired to write. A few things gave me this inspiration, namely that Alan Shearer, ‘the Mary Poppins’ of football, was forced through gritted teeth to pay compliment to our tricky Portugeezer Cristiano Ronaldo. Regular readers will know I am a fan, nothing more needs to be said about the man today.

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It’s Not the Size of the Gap, It’s What You Do With it That Counts!

In this, the season of good will to all men and fellow supporters in this wonderful league of ours, I thought I would make a return to Mancunia to say thank you to all the rival fans for their reaction to our own Cristiano Ronaldo. After the world cup we wondered if we had seen the last of Ronnie in United red. So did Sir Alex, according to an exclusive interview done by Rollin Reds (the magazine for United’s disabled supporters), after that incident he was texting Cristiano and receiving no reply. Fergie feared the worst, agents getting involved, not being able to speak directly, the news was saying that Ronaldo was ignoring his club and for a second Sir Alex believed it. Then he realised that he had been texting his old number!!!!

When he did get in contact with him it was clear there was never any intention to leave our club, and so he just had to prepare himself for the reaction from rival supporters. We as United fans have been through this before with David Beckham and we watched him grow and grow into a player that the world would know. Ronaldo is following the same path (by all accounts a move to Real Madrid at some point wouldn’t be too out of the question for him either) and the lad seems to thrive on all the boo antics. Against Aston Villa he scored a goal didn’t look too far removed from one that Ryan Giggs may have scored a few years back, or George Best (back when he could be arsed to play) and all round he is playing the best I have seen from  him.

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Can I Boro a Feeling?

Ronaldo, contact in the Area and United taking the easy road for once?

Making things easy for themselves. Manchester United have never been very good at that through history. Juventus, away, in the Semi Final in 1999 anyone? It turns out that hauling ourselves back from the brink of the exit was good for us; the goals we scored to equalise put us mathematically in a better posisition than we were because of the away goals and all that jazz. Bayern Munich in the Champions’ league final, do we take the lead? No. Do we score an equaliser quickly when they take the lead? No. We wait and produce the two single greatest minutes in any organised football match ever, and we win the match 2:1. Remind me, who put the ball in the Germans’ net?

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