The Song Remains The Same

WE played West Ham United yesterday; it was a game in which we stole a replay from the jaws of certain knock out.  West Ham do not have a hex over us, nor does Sam Allardyce, it was not a case of us not taking the FA Cup seriously; it’s just Manchester United doing what Manchester United do so well and so often, it’s almost becoming boring. Some credit does have to go to West Ham though; returning Hammer hero and Kop flop Joe Cole did make a return and did quite well for a lad who has been exiled in France for some time.

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Planes, Games and Auto Replays

United Down Pompey

I was looking forward to this match perhaps more than any other this season because it was the first one back after injury, for my usual match day companion, my Dad. For the first time this season he was able to go to the Theatre of Dreams and that was more than enough reason to look forward to this game. The magic of the cup and all that was also there, we were all hoping that it would be a lot easier than the last outing in the competition when Ole saved us. Everything was ready; Dad had even provided sarnies on good bread and the old favourite a flask full of coffee. It was just like the first full season I was lucky enough to have a place on the match rota, before for convenience we took to buying meat and ‘tater pies. With the introduction of the American Chipmunk, the takeover of big business and our crash from being our own club to merely a pawn in a finance portfolio I have refused to buy any pies or match day refreshment at all. Not that Glazer will be worried about the loss of my particular one pound plus but that really is not the point, it’s a stand made by me and others against the regime.

Rebelling with a cause means I was happy to take Dad’s homemade food. I’m only sorry the United lads didn’t put on a better performance for his return.

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Ruud-Less and Ruthless

Yesterday Manchester United almost paid the price once again for not taking their chances in a game. I would say we can’t do that again but I have tried that and we still keep getting there by the skin of our teeth, not taking our chances early on, allowing the other team to grow in confidence and make us pay, before eventually we remember who we are and we get our arse in gear and do what we should have done all along. On the upside Henrik Larsson looked good for his first game. I wonder what will happen in March when supposedly the striker is returning toSweden. It’s not going to be Eric Cantona-esque but his arrival could be a timely shove when we most need it. Our saving grace was that in the record books it won’t be shown as the cock up it almost was, and as well as that it wasn’t in the league.

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