Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Whenever the general consensus is that we will spank a team, the Law interrupts and guarantees that we don’t…

Given to Score gives you the West Ham reaction

Time has passed since the disappointment of the loss at Upton Park and it should allow a more focused response than would have been posted minutes after the final whistle. That result was coming; unfortunately it came against a team which seemingly likes to put one over us more than support their own team. Bad memories of ‘that’ goal in (pick any season), 91-92, or Andy Cole and co bringing save after save out of Ludek and the joy their fans had when they had prevented us from taking the Championship, they all came flooding back and you knew you just knew that with the incoming Alan Curbishley and the fact that he had never beaten us as a manager, West Ham would do it on Sunday. Unfortunately it was written in more than stars, it was written over previous games when we were lucky to come out winning as handsomely as we did (Benfica).

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Chewing Over the Toffees

Today is a special day in Liverpool, it is the day before United’s game against Everton and this one is going to be mega because the man accompanying me to the Theatre of Dreams is a bluenose. The banter has been flying, I sent him a picture of Rooney in red, he once again drew on the 1995 Cup Final, the highest of high points in recent times for Everton but also the most predictable route when trying to wind up a red, sing me another!

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