The Etihad Redemption

HERE we are, it’s all come down to this. It’s about the league, it’s about being top dog in the city and it’s about putting right that travesty from October when they came to our place and did that. They’ve dined out on that ever since, and they have had the cheek to provide the sternest challenge to us, some would say it shows how far they have come and they may have a point, but we are Manchester United and we rise to the challenge of anyone who wants to give us a go; fear can hold you prisoner, hope will set you free, and we owe them big style.

Salvation lies within

We have messed up royally in the last few games; to be fair we have been doing that a lot this season but not really domestically, the big snafu’s have been mostly European,  until now. The timing is not perfect; admittedly, as it has given that blue lot a reason to believe. If we turn up at the Council House and we perform to the level we are capable of then we can get the result we need and put them in their place. Fergie shouldn’t have to remind them to turn up; that game in October was beyond painful, and if they need reminding of what they should do on that pitch on Monday then they shouldn’t be in United shirts next season. All the head in hands moments we’ve had this season, even that City home game, can be put right with a result on Monday.

The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry

One FA Cup since Noah built the ark and now they think they can play on the top playground with the big lads? Well, erm, yes, because they can. They have a cheque writer Pip would envy and they get the Great Expectations that come with it… screw bedding in a team, building from the ground up, buy the best and the Premiership will come; it might just work too, we should consider it our duty to put the upstarts in their place, you can’t buy the Premiership…. well, OK, you can, but no-one likes it when you do…try buying players when you have no money, see how that feels!  For every great signing you make you have to buy shite that arrives in a blaze of glory and leaves on the quiet  in a speeding car waiting outside the back door; it’s what Fergie does. It keeps you honest. Call Tevez’s tantrum unrest? Call Mario special? We dealt with David Beckham’s fashion and Eric Cantona kicking more than rival footballers, City don’t know they are born.

Oh yes sir, absolutely rehabilitated

Carlos Tevez might play, that’s going to be good isn’t it, I’m sure if he were to score he would be nothing but respectful towards us. He’s learnt his lesson, and Mancini backed down right about the same time he realised that they needed him. Carlos Tevez may as well be nicknamed America, he turned up when everyone was battered and knackered and efforts were crumbling, and he’ll take the glory if any is to be had. Mario is a talent that only Mancini can get the most out of, he’s their Eric, so they say; Cantona did it continuously on the pitch though so that remains to be seen. Our own falling angel Ashley might be back in the team, I know Ash, I know, nowhere does it say how much contact there has to be. Score a goal or assist the winner and we’ll say no more about it lad.

I have no idea to this day what that Italian man is talking about, truth is I don’t wanna know…

Mancini; he’s like a foreign Ian Holloway (with more hair), you’d like his press conferences if he wasn’t in the blue, probably. He has one about the title race being over… it’s piss funny.

The conclusion is uncertain

All we know is we don’t know… someone said that once and it’s true. We may well sit and drink with the happiest of scores on our telly, we may drink to forget the score; the most certain thing of all is probably the reaction to either side winning will be somewhat over the top and who’s to say it shouldn’t be, should Manchester United win I reserve the right to absolutely apeshit in whatever pub I find myself in because it will be payback for that earlier game… a nice side effect of a winning result is it would put us closer to the title, again, you know, providing we don’t blow it in the final few weeks.

Let’s get this game won, purely because of the team it is against, it will mean what it means when the score gets put in the history books but if all that extra stuff can be forgotten and we can just give them a stuffing because it’s a derby, you’ll find that everything else will fall into place.

Get busy scoring and get busy winning.

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