The Etihad Redemption

HERE we are, it’s all come down to this. It’s about the league, it’s about being top dog in the city and it’s about putting right that travesty from October when they came to our place and did that. They’ve dined out on that ever since, and they have had the cheek to provide the sternest challenge to us, some would say it shows how far they have come and they may have a point, but we are Manchester United and we rise to the challenge of anyone who wants to give us a go; fear can hold you prisoner, hope will set you free, and we owe them big style.

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The New Pencil Case

WASN’T it nice to see Manchester United turn up on Sunday? If they continue to do so, we will win the league. Sir Alex isn’t about to fall for the ‘it’s over’ songs being sung over at the Council House across town; even if Mancini was right about the gap being back to five points on Sunday night (pissing Alex McLeish off in the process). Aston Villa didn’t offer a lot in the way of resistance and enough of our players were having a good day.

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