Real Gone Kid? All a bit Shakespearean

WE’VE DONE THIS DANCE BEFORE.  Another summer and yet more speculation about Cristiano Ronaldo and the future he may have at Real Madrid. GTS has been reluctant to write on this topic because in the early days it seemed like a bit of a non story.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s repeated comments about happiness at Old Trafford, and reaffirming his desire to ‘one day’ play in the Spain was absolutely nothing new. United had heard that before. In interviews we heard the question continue to be asked and Ronaldo again would state his dream to play in Spain in the future.

The story was quickly brought into focus as soon as United had won the European Cup, Ronaldo was away from the club and with Portugal preparing for the European Championships, these are times that worry fans because when players are away from the secure environment of their domestic club sometimes comments can be made to alert potential buyers.


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United: Love It Or Leave It

I AM becoming less and less concerned with Gabriel Heinze and whether he will stay at Manchester United. The player was a breath of fresh air when he first joined the club and his playing style earned him that ‘fan favourite’ tag that newspapers throw around. Recently, injuries and the emergence of Evra have left Heinze frustrated with his lack of first team chances and this is something I understand. It seems that throughout the summer someone has been trying to engineer him a move away from our club. Messages are mixed as to whether this is Gaby himself or his agent’s handy work.

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That Boy Ronaldo

RONALDO is class and I have said so many many times, so has everyone else with any emotional investment in Manchester United. United fans offer no apologies for the support we offered that player when he was blamed for everything and the kitchen sink at the World Cup, we are reaping the benefits of the boy being at the right club for him at that stage of his career and now at this, the squeaky time of the season. Newspapers make me laugh, every single part of the media makes me laugh. During this season at various points we have had “he’s off, he can’t play in England again”, “He won’t play with Rooney” – tabloid exclusives apparently, who were then sent wheeling backwards when he didn’t in fact leave England, leave Manchester United, hate Wayne Rooney or even have a problem with the manager. The only problem was that Sir Alex hadn’t updated his phone book with Ronnie’s new number, easily done, Sir Alex, easily done.

Then the Gods of the Spanish Press over at Marca thumb their nose at Ronaldo’s happiness at United and the club’s stance that he is not for sale, by reminding us of all the times Real Madrid have been told a player was not for sale. Yet again, if the lad himself said anything it was big news, if he said I am happy at United, they added ‘at the moment’, if he said nothing on the subject it was taken as a sure sign he is leaving. Manchester United and Ronaldo himself cannot win in this situation. The club and the player are making all the right moves, discussing a new contract, and the boy is making statements with his feet. The statement being, United = Premiership. Full stop. If there are more competitions that come up between then and now, you get the feeling that our boy Ronaldo would happily represent Manchester United on his own. In this form, he would probably beat the opposition too.

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