You’re havin’ a Raf, Benitez!

WELL folks we really know that football is well and truly back now.

Chelsea benefit from a dodgy refereeing decision thanks to a penalty wrongly awarded in their match – some things never change. Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez is in the news claiming that there is a conspiracy to keep his team from being successful. Some things never change. Manchester United, Champions of England, sit in the bottom half of the league. Okay, now that’s a new one.

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United: Love It Or Leave It

I AM becoming less and less concerned with Gabriel Heinze and whether he will stay at Manchester United. The player was a breath of fresh air when he first joined the club and his playing style earned him that ‘fan favourite’ tag that newspapers throw around. Recently, injuries and the emergence of Evra have left Heinze frustrated with his lack of first team chances and this is something I understand. It seems that throughout the summer someone has been trying to engineer him a move away from our club. Messages are mixed as to whether this is Gaby himself or his agent’s handy work.

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“Frankly Mr. Shankly”

Scouse-Mancunian Relations Investigated 

The Liverpool v Manchester United game takes place in a few weeks and is widely tipped to be the real title decider. A victory and people will well and truly believe that the title is coming back to Old Trafford. For the latest return to Mancunia I have decided to look at Liverpool Football Club and why exactly they are hated by us. Is this a feeling that extends further than Manchester United fans? Neighbours and rivals Everton must despise Liverpool more than we do? Well, the answer is a resounding NO. The dislike of Liverpool does provide a common bond with the scousers dressed in blue, but even they bow out to us.

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